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Predictive Analytics

Predict-It leverages data from existing PI System® investments and monitors it in a real-time process environment to recognize performance degradation.

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Graphical Visualization Client

Glance connects OPC and Aveva® PI System® Users to their process data information in a Real-Time, HTML5 web-based environment that performs on nearly any mobile device or desktop.

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Event-based Notifications

E-Notification exchanges data between the PI System® Server and the end user, making it easily accessible to monitor process data and view reports on a mail client or mobile device.

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Real-time Fuel Tracking

AccuTrack is a full-featured inventory management system that can integrate with online coal analyzers and track coal from shipment to burner.

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Roll-Bowl COP

Coal Pulverizer Monitoring

Roll-Bowl COP collects and analyzes information from plant control systems to ensure proper set up and longevity of pulverizer grinding elements.

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